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Meet Eagle!

Welcome to our server if it's the first time you visit it. We're targeting the game-play which we love over old days since we was young. The old school style of the battle and we've took off everything that disturbs fair play, which forces players to pay money to be strong. Not only 130/+9/1rb but also genuine classic server.

Missing the old days?

We are offering the old taste and the closest experience of conquer.

Experience the old quests!

BlueMouse, AncientDevil, SnakeKing, Gano, Titan, Lab Bosses and more.

Skills & PK zones!

Several PVP Events such as skill based events and PK battle tournaments.

What does make Eagle special?

All features tested and working fine like it was at the old days of Conquer Online.

  • Classic and pure interface
  • The closest classic experience you will find
  • Custom additions and keep the server as interesting
  • Exact calculations of Attack/Defense

Eagle features

  • Low hunting, exp, prof, skills and socket rates
  • Red/Blacks drop items
  • Battlepower, cps, shopping mall, lotto, steeds and talismans
  • Donation items, garments, gourds, +110 items and +122 monsters
  • Classes such as ninja, monk and pirate
Level Prepare your level to help youself huting anywhere you want.
Pain Fixed skills are your way to force-stop your enemies when you're pking.
Trade Sell to or buy from other players to build your rare gears.